beach sloth

Hey You

You are sitting at a desk different from mine. Maybe
You are lying down or maybe
You are reading this on a phone or maybe
You are right in front of me I’m uncertain. What I am certain of is
You are wonderful
You have a lot going for
You will achieve all your dreams
You know what to do
You say such nice things
You never put other people down
You lift them up
You are a beam of light piercing through cloudy days
You are one of my favorite people. Nobody is quite like You
You are unique out of billions of people as
You are read this right now. Thank
You for tuning into my little corner of the universe maybe someday
You will see me
You will sit across from me in the train
You will not recognize me and I will not recognize
You but the anonymous support we give each other is
enough. I care deeply about
You and hope we meet and never know it.

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